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3R Services

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NORD Easy System

Australia & New Zealand


Company Vision

3R Services is a waste and recycling industry system integrator in Australia and New Zealand.

We have a wide range of products and expertise to lift the level of recycling and lower the cost of collections for local authorities and businesses.

  • Smart sensor technology – we know how full a bin is. We install a long life sensor, it communicates using Internet of Things (IoT) protocols and technologies, our software manages the filling rate and location of the bins and the mobile app guides drivers to where a bin is nearing capacity. No more collecting empty bins.
  • Easy system bins – we are the Australian and New Zealand distributor for the fantastic NORD Engineering range of bins. Smart bins, smart trucks and safe collections performed in 2 minutes without the driver leaving the truck. These bins look great, offer a safe and efficient collection method and are perfect for medium-high density neighbourhoods, multi-unit developments, shopping strips and commercial businesses. If you’re still using front lift hopper or rear lift bins, you need to talk to us!
  • Consulting – with years of experience in recycling, building and information technology, 3R Services can develop new approaches to waste collection and disposal, and offer advice on reducing your waste costs and more.

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Nord Engineering – proud partners

3R Services is the exclusive distributor of Nord products in New Zealand and Australia.

New Easy City

New Easy City containers are designed for the city and for household use. Each bin is for a separate waste source; recycling, general, food, cardboard and so on.

They can be positioned easily into both new urban areas and historical contexts.

Due to their large volume (2250, 3000, 3750 litres), it is possible to drastically reduce the number of containers present in the streets. This also leads to reduced numbers of collections.


Two thirds of this bin is hidden under the street surface and the external tank can be coated or treated with different materials to blend into their surroundings.

The openings can be customised to cater for household or commercial use.

Ideal for high-density areas and/or vertical development, semi-underground containers are also suitable for collection in parks, gardens, beaches and natural areas.


These containers are technologically advanced and innovative with a large capacity to collect every type of waste.

The bulk of the bin is located underground and integrates into the landscape and environment improving the aesthetic impact of squares, roads and town centres.

The “Underground” system is especially functional in high-density neighbourhoods and/or vertical development.

Easy New Cube

Easy New Cube containers are the ideal solution for collections dedicated to industrial use. Suitable for any surface or productive contest, they are made to volumes from 5000 to 7000 cubic metres.

Equipped with large openings, they allow the simply and ordered collection of production and/or packaging remains in industrial areas through the selected collection of paper, plastic and cardboard.

How does the NORD Easy system work?

The specially designed collection vehicle pulls up alongside the bin.

The driver operates the entire collection from the cabin.